Total Demolition

Total demolition is the comprehensive dismantling of structures, from towering skyscrapers to expansive industrial complexes,  leaving the area clear of any remnants of the original construction. At Beng Siew Construction, we bring over 35 years of specialised experience to ensure each project is executed with precision.

Who requires total demolition?

  • Developers planning new construction projects
  • Government and municipalities for infrastructure upgrades or safety compliance
  • Property owners and real estate investors aiming for property redevelopment or land repurposing
  • Industrial sectors for facility decommissioning or environmental remediation
  • Historical preservation and cultural projects requiring selective clearing
  • Disaster response teams for post-disaster clearing and safety

Top-Down Demolition

The demolition of high-rise buildings typically deploys the use of the top-down demolition method or “Floor by Floor” demolition technique. It involves engulfing the buildings with external scaffolds and propping supports between floor slabs to place the demolition machinery on the highest level. The “floor by floor” demolition sequence will systematically dismantle the building from top to bottom.

Top-down demolition is most suited to:

  • High-Rise Buildings: Allows controlled dismantling in a safe manner, minimising risks of uncontrolled collapses.
  • Urban Areas: Ideal where space is limited, reducing the impact on nearby structures and managing debris effectively.
  • Close to Sensitive Structures: Ensures the protection of neighbouring buildings and historical sites by allowing precise removal.
  • Areas with Complex Infrastructure: Avoids damage to underground utilities and maintains traffic flow by minimising disruptions.

Long-Reach Demolition

Long-reach demolition is adopted for most low-rise buildings as it increases productivity. This is because a lesser setup time is required before we start the demolition. This method of demolition eliminates hazards of machinery and people working in proximity but requires a large area for work to be carried out effectively.

Long-reach demolition is most suited to:

  • Low to Mid-Rise Buildings: Their extendable arms can reach higher floors easily, making them suitable for buildings of medium height.
  • Tight Spaces: Ideal for urban environments where space is constrained, allowing precision work without large demolition footprints.
  • Sensitive Environments: Minimises vibration and dust, reducing impact on nearby residential areas or sensitive sites.
  • Difficult-to-Access Locations: Effective in areas with challenging terrain or near waterways, thanks to versatile positioning.
  • Selective Demolition: Offers the accuracy needed for projects that require dismantling specific sections of a structure while preserving others.


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